See me at Bookworks, April 6th

I’ll be joining a few other local authors for a Local Authors’ event at Bookworks, 4022 Rio Grande Blvd in the North Valley in Albuquerque, starting at 3 pm. There’ll be a  short introduction about publishing, followed by brief comments from each authors and then readers can get busy engaging with the authors and getting books signed.

Here’s the list of authors: Yours truly signing The Tower of Il Serohe–of course!; Janet Greger author of Ignore the Pain, Coming Flu, and Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight; Lizbeth Novelliere, The Day the Sun Cried, A Spacecoast Adventure; Dave Bachelor, Sweet By and By; Steve Yount, author of 7 self-published books including The Long Ride; Lacey Nagar, The Graceful Art of Falling; Alexandra Dell’Amore, Hush Hush and Other Veneers; Ed Chavez; Zelda Leah Gatuskin, Where the Sky Used to Be and But Who’s Counting?; Kevin Powell, Liver Spots; and Faerl Marie, The Golden Apple.

If you’ve been meaning to catch one of my events and that’s in your neighborhood, don’t miss out. I won’t be doing a reading, but I’ll be glad to discuss the book with you and sign a copy. ;)

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Huge Tucson Festival of Books, March 15-16

If you don’t know about the Tucson Festival of Books, check out this link.

It is an amazing event with hundreds of authors and books on site. This event is one that Albuquerque should have, but doesn’t.

My publisher, Black Rose Writing, will have a booth (#290) there, March 15 & 16, with signed copies of my book, “The Tower of Il Serrohe,” available Saturday the 15th from 1.00-5.30 pm. Urge your friends to visit if you don’t live in the area!

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Free book by Sandy Bazinet

One of the authors I know well and who has exchanged blog features with is Sandy Bazinet. She has written a number of exciting vampire and werewolf stories. Here is a NEW special offer on one of her books:

“I wanted to let you know the good news. For five days, starting March 10th,  my book, VAMPIRES SUCK BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO (eBook version) will be free on Amazon. If you think someone you know might enjoy a fun read too, please pass this on.

Happy reading!

Thank you and have a wonderful week,


Here’s a brief description of  Vampires Suck But You Don’t Have To:

We live in a needy-feedy world! We feel drained! But that can change! We can enjoy being us! We can have fun again! That’s what “Vampires Suck But You Don’t Have To” is all about. Let’s have fun and start dancing again!

Good luck with the promotion, Sandy! ;)

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Signing at Hastings Feb 28th Didn’t Happen!

Unfortunately, there was a mix-up and the book manager had the wrong phone number for me and couldn’t let me know that there was a problem ordering my books  for the signing! I will try again soon and let you know.

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Help Me Name My Series

Your ideas are needed as I complete the sequels to the “Tower.”

Book 2 will be entitled, Extreme Dust Storms May Exist, and I’m already mapping out the final book to close the series, Zero Visibility Possible. I hope those titles intrigue you, but I’m a little stumped on what to call the trilogy.

It won’t be “The Tower Series (or Chronicles or Tales or Trilogy)” because (not really a spoiler alert) the Tower won’t be resurrected. But the story, some of the familiar characters along with new characters, general conflict, and the settings will continue.

I have a couple of ideas, but I’m not enthused about them: “The Chronicles (or Tales or Adventures) of the Other Valley” or “The Chronicles (or Tales or Adventures) of the Valle Abajo” or some variation on those.

However, you may have a better idea since (I dearly hope) you have read the book by now and have a knack for titles. The two book titles above wore me out.

So, if you come up with the winning idea for a series (trilogy) title, I will give you a signed copy of Book 2 and Book 3 when they are launched. Send me an email or post in the comment section below at: and share your ideas. Thanks! RJ

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Yes, Virginia, there is a sequel to “The Tower”

I’ve nearly completed my sequel to The Tower of Il Serrohe, titled, Extreme Dust Storms May Exist. Trust me, when you read the book, you’ll find out how that title figures into the story. Although if anyone has traveled south on I-25 past Los Lunas, it may ring a bell.

Enough said. The book will pick up on the story a few years after the climatic end of The Tower. Believe me, there is more to the story. For my readers, you’ll discover how I picked up a few discrete loose ends. I am very excited to be adding a new central character, in addition to others. Of course, many of your favorites from The Tower are back!

Later, I’ll post a “teaser” synopsis of the new book to whet your appetite. Stay tuned for more in coming weeks. I also hope to revive my search for old “Don’s Blogs” to publish on this site (I haven’t forgotten, just been busy writing the sequel!).

If you’re new to this site, please check out details about The Tower using the tabs above: “About the Book” and “Introductory Chapters.”

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Southwest Writers Anthology Now Available!

I am a proud member of Southwest Writers (SWW) which has been the single best reason I have published a book and have a clue what to do beyond that! I have learned a great deal about the publishing business, marketing, writing skills, and found my great editor, Peggy Herrington, through SWW.

As a fund raising effort, SWW embarked on a major project publishing The Storytellers’ Anthology featuring works by SWW authors and poets. Many works were submitted and I’m pleased an excerpt from my Tower of Il Serrohe was  chosen as one of the selections.

The book is now available on Amazon in print. This is a great way to spend some of your Christmas gift money or if you want to give a special person a wonderful gift of poems, short stories, articles, novel excerpts and photographs by amazing New Mexico writers.

As a promotion for the anthology, several of us will be reading from our  selections in the book as well as signing copies at Bookworks, January 19th, starting at 3 pm. I hope to see some of you there and please pass this info on to all your interested friends!

If you can’t make this event or don’t like ordering online, contact me at and I’ll get a copy to you. Not only will I sign it, but I will get as many of the other featured writers to sign it also. ;)

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My First Professional Review!

One of my biggest goals in “getting my book out” into the world has been to get a professional review in a mass media outlet.
Andrew Baker, a reviewer for Fanboys Anonymous, has just completed an honest and positive review of “The Tower.” I appreciate his comments about the uniqueness and interesting details of the characters and story. He also had some good advice as I continue to write the sequels to the story (available this coming spring).

The Fanboys Anonymous website is “dedicated to all things that could be grouped under the definition of ‘geek culture.’ It’s a place where the authors as well as you, the audience, can express our opinions about subjects we’re fond of. This applies to a wide variety of topics such as films, television shows, comic books, video games, music, sports, cars, the internet, technology, etc – with virtually no limit!”

Please take a look at: Andrew’s Book Review of “The Tower” And definitely comment below the review!

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This Twit is Tweeting!

I’ve given in to the every changing world of social networking on the Internet and I’m now in the “Twitterverse”! Follow me at RJ Mirabal@rj_mirabal!

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Thanks Barnes & Noble and West Side Folks!

Though it was a cold, windy, and wet day, many people dropped by the West Side Barnes & Noble where I had a signing November 22nd. This gave me an opportunity to met many great folks and sell several books!

Email or message me if you want to order a signed copy for someone’s Christmas! $24 gift wrapped and shipped, $20 if you pick it up from me directly! Drop me a line at:

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